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A legal-technical cookie & privacy policy scan

  • Do you know which cookies are placed on your website?

  • Are you sure that your (partners') cookies are only dropped in accordance with the applicable rules? Are you aware that certain cookies require the prior consent of the user. 

  • Are you aware of the specific consent requirements that apply to the collection of cookies?

  • Do you provide customers with the necessary information about your data processing activities? Have you checked that this information is up to date and provided on time?

  • Have you heard that online privacy and the correct use of cookies is one of the Belgian Data Protection Authority's strategic priorities for 2020-2025? And did you know that this data protection authority recently fined a company € 15,000 for breaches of privacy and cookie requirements?

We can offer you the practical insights you need to assess your compliance with both legal and technical privacy provisions. 

Our personalised offer:

An offer consisting of two parts:

A legal part (PwC legal): 

  • A virtual workshop (1h) with experts from PwC Legal:

    • Examination of your important data collection points on your webshop

    • scan of your legal documentation: privacy statement, cookie statement and permission mechanism for cookies (max. 10 A4 pages)

A technical part (PwC):  

  • Automatic cookie scan of the publicly accessible parts of your webshop (authenticated section).

  • Virtual workshop (2h) to discuss the non-authenticated part of your webshop as well as the findings.

This offer contains a review of the landing page of your webshop or an alternative page where the cookies are placed and based on a review of up to 75 cookies.

A fast service: 

Quick scan report (slidedeck) with (1-2 weeks after virtual workshop): 

  • The main shortcomings in Belgian Privacy and cookie regulation. 

  • Practical proposals for each shortcoming to help you bring them into line with the applicable legislation. 

  • Overview cookie scan (identified cookies with name, type, qualification/target, storage duration).

A substantial discount for BeCommerce Members and Partners! 

This full service and guidance by PwC can be purchased for just € 2,450 (excl. VAT). 


Contact PwC Business Advisory Services and state that you are a member and/or partner of BeCommerce. 

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