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How to reduce the carbon footprint of e-commerce

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How to reduce the carbon footprint of your e-commerce business (online webinar)
        In e-commerce, we are working together toward a higher goal: tackling climate change. This webinar focuses on the various sources of GHG emissions and explains step-by-step how any e-commerce organization can reduce its emissions. The founder of Neo-Solutions - Thomas Wansart - shares his insights on sustainability and inspires you to adjust your sustainability goals. After the webinar, you will have a clear picture of your impact on the climate.

        Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Telecommunications and Postal Services, Petra De Sutter, is on a mission to make Belgium a more sustainable country. Together with BeCommerce, she also wants to green e-commerce. For that reason, she supports this webinar on sustainability. 

        The webinar is structured as follows: 
        1)    Clarification of the sustainability issue
        -         Where does GHG emission come from?
        -         How can you measure your own emission?

        2) Numbers & case studies
        - How polluting is transportation of a Chinese product to Liège by plane compared to an Italian product to Liège by train?  
        - How many emissions do e-mails, social networks and so on generate??

        3)     Solutions to reduce your GHG emissions

        Thomas Wansart

        • Founder of Neo-Solutions, a company specializing in the implementation of a low-carbon strategy within SMEs.

        • Professor CSR and public relations at IHECS

        • Member of the Board of Executers of The Shifters Belgium, an NGO and French think tank advocating the transition to a post-CO2 economy by influencing the energy transition debate.

        • Until recently e-commerce consultant and coordinator of the E-Forum, the first Franco-Belgian congress on e-commerce.  

        Date & Time
        October 25, 2022
        10:00 AM 11:00 AM Europe/Brussels


        Markiesstraat 1
        1000 Brussel
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