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Live-Webinar: Optimizing Microsoft Search

M aandag 12 Oktober 2020 van 12:00 tot en met 13:00     |
Online Webinar  

Odoo + afbeelding en tekst

Microsoft and BeCommerce are organizing an advertising seminar to empower Belgian businesses to achieve more and to  grow their online leads.

The 3 experts Thomas De Corte, Camille Van Houtte en  Hans Neven will share insights and tell you why every business must leverage MS Search for increase their leads. 

Bonus for only BeCommerce Members and Partners 

  • free coaching;

  • coupons to get started and access to client centric material for new clients only; 

  • Medium/Larger clients and digital agencies (new clients to Microsoft Search) who advertise with Facebook and Google will have access to Hans Neven (New Business Executive) who will work with members and partners directly to get started; 

  • content, presenter & a standard package offered to all our members any given time.