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                        BeCommerce Trustmark

                        Our trustmark contributes to generating trust in e-commerce in the Benelux. It is thé trustmark to make online purchases of products and services safe, both for the consumer and the webshop.

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                        If a webshop carries the BeCommerce label, as a consumer you can be sure that this webshop offers a reliable way to shop online. The label guarantees you that the certified shop meets all requirements of Belgian and European legislation.

                        In addition, you can contact BeCommerce to consult your consumer rights. If you wish to file a complaint against a webshop, we will act as mediator for you.

                        We also offer general tips to verify the reliability of webshops te controleren.

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                        If your webshop carries our quality mark, consumers know that they can shop safely in your shop. In that way, we promote consumer confidence in the e-commerce sector and ensure lower bounce rates, and more conversions. The result? More turnover. 

                        As a member or partner, we also keep you up to date with the latest trends in e-commerce: BeCommerce organizes annual research & data, advocacy & regulatory, and networking events.

                        The trustmark is only awarded towebshops that meet all the criteria  of the BeCommerce Trustmark checklist (NL/FRENG). You can find more info about the checklist on ourBeCommerce Trustmark page.

                        Improve the online security of your webshop

                        BeCommerce performs a Web Application Scan (WAS) twice a year. The OWASP Top 10 Vulnerabilities provides a good basis for bringing the security of your web shop to an acceptable level by identifying the most critical vulnerabilities.

                        Aditionally, we protect consumer data  against hacking and phishing:

                        • A strict safety test of the web-shop in question 

                        • Better protection against hacking and phishing 

                        • Assured data security with the BeCommerce label

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                        More than 400 members enjoy the trust of BeCommerce!

                        The more than 400 members who display the BeCommerce Trustmark on their websites promise customers, among other things, two weeks of reflection time after purchase, safe use of their websites, the possibility of mediation of a conflict and respect for privacy rules.

                        More than 50 partners enjoy the trust of BeCommerce!

                        The power of confidence.

                        Trustpilot 'Preferred review supplier'

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                        BeCommerce Trustpilot partnership.


                        Ronald Boeckx - President of the Jury of the BeCommerce Awards 2019 

                        "BeCommerce symbolizes trust for us"                     


                        "Through BeCommerce's referential, we are able to demonstrate how well we follow the necessary process"


                        "BeCommerce helps us convince customers of the quality of our webshop"

                        Jan Vereecke - Managing Director Tele Ticket Service

                        "We sell 1.5 to 2 million tickets a year for concert events and I think it's important that the whole e-commerce distribution works towards a harmonizing legislation and best practice"

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                        BeCommerce Awards 2022  
                        Thursday, October 2Oth | Tour&Taxis, Brussels 


                        Share, Care & Trust is our motto.
                        400+ members, 40+ partners, 
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