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                        BeCommerce Trustmark

                        The Becommerce Trustmark generates trust and confidence when it comes to digital trade. It is the most trusted brand for online purchases of products and services within the Benelux.

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                        The BeCommerce trustmark allows for you - the consumer - to see the reliable ways of online-shopping our web-shop has to offer.

                        As a consumer, BeCommerce can consult you on your rights and/or mediate when submitting a complaint against a web-shop.

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                        Our label creates consumer confidence and loyalty in the Belgian and European e-commerce, which leads to a lower bounce rate and an influx of newly converted clients.

                        As a member, or a partner, of BeCommerce, you will be kept in the loop of changes occurring within the e-commerce sector through the use of research & data, advocacy & regulatory, and networking events.

                        Shop safely with the BeCommerce label

                        The BeCommerce label guarantees that the certified web-shop meets all the Belgian and European legislation requirements. Your rights as a consumer are protected this way.

                        Increase confidence while increasing sales

                        BeCommerce grants a trustmark to a web-shop when it meets all the individual points of our trustmark checklist. (NL/FR/ ENG)For more info, see the BeCommerce Trustmark pagina.

                        Improve the online security of your webshop with the BeCommerce Quality Mark 

                        BeCommerce performs a Web Application Scan (WAS) twice a year. The OWASP's top 10 vulnerabilities are a good indicator as to how to bring our web-shops to an acceptable level of security by identifying the most critical risks. 

                        This is how we protect the consumer's information from hacking and phishing:

                        • A strict safety test of the web-shop in question 

                        • Better protection against hacking and phishing 

                        • Assured data security with the BeCommerce label

                        Over 400 members enjoy BeCommerce's trust and loyalty

                        BeCommerce's quality as a non-profit organisation is proven by our label of trust. Over 400 companies carry our certification through their membership, and can thus consequently promise the buyer's two week's time for returns, the safety of their site, mediation within a dispute, and respected privacy.

                        40+ partners enjoy BeCommerce's trust and loyalty!

                        The power of trust

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                        BeCommerce Trustpilot partnership.

                        Ronald Boeckx - Jury Chairman, BeCommerce Awards 2019 

                        "BeCommerce symbolizes trust for us"                     


                        "Through BeCommerce's referential, we are able to demonstrate how well we follow the necessary process"


                        "BeCommerce convinces our customers of the quality of our web-shop" 

                        Jan Vereecke - Tele Ticket Service

                        "We sell 1.5 to 2 million tickets a year for concert events mostly and I think it's important that the whole e-commerce distribution works towards a harmonizing legislation and best practice"


                        Upcoming events

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                        BeCommerce Awards 2020
                        26 november 2020 | Tour & Taxis, 1000 Brussels

                        Put your business in the spotlight. The BeCommerce Awards will take place on October 22nd, 2020 at Tour&Taxis in Brussels

                        Past Events

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                        Logistics Summit Webinar
                        25 June 2020 | Online

                        Consumer behavior in Corona-times:e-commerce facts & figures for Q1 MM 2020. 

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                        BeCommerce Shopping100

                        #6 Edition 2020
                        16 June 2020 | Brussels

                        An annual analysis of the top 100 web-shops. The main question is: 'Where do Belgians shop online?'

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                        Market Monitor #2 Edition 2020 
                        12 March 2020 | Brussels

                        On Our Way to a Mature Belgian E-Commerce Market.

                        Share, Care & Trust is our motto.
                        400+ members, 40+ partners, 
                        100% commitment

                        Join BeCommerce now and give your customers the trust they need, while your web-shop grows in the most sustainable way possible