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Advocay & regulatory

Five Priorities

BeCommerce aims to achieve a balance between consumer rights and a good business environment for digital commerce. Entrepreneurs need clear rules and predictable supervision. In Europe, harmonised rules must be established for consumer rights, privacy, etc. with a minimum of administrative burdens. These goals lead to five key areas for BeCommerce:

1. Belgian Lobby and Regional Legislation

An even balance between consumer rights and a good business environment for digital commerce is paramount.


  • aim for a legal framework for night work in the e-commerce sector

Workable Law and agile work (NL/FR) 

2. European Lobby and International Legislation

The rules and supervision of Europe must be transparent and predictable. Legislation must facilitate entrepreneurs with a minimum of administrative burdens. Good consumer protection is an equivalent objective in this respect.


  • harmonisation of data protection rules

General Data Protection Regulation (NL/FR)

Geo-blocking Regulation (NL/FR)

Platform-2-Business Regulation

New Deal for Consumers (NL/FR)

A level playing field for the Digital Single Market 

3. More Safety and Less Fraud

Security throughout the transaction chain is crucial, both for consumers and for the webshops. Consumers must feel safe when it comes to transactions involving the release of personal data. Webshops want security in the logistics chain and an assured collection of the money they are entitled to.


  • Strive to reduce online crime

  • Communal approach to online fraud

  • Raise awareness of the use of electronic identification and trust services

Electronic IDentification and trust Services Regulation (eIDAS) (NL/FR).

4. Reliable Online Payments

Reliable and well-functioning online and mobile payment methods are vital to the e-commerce sector. The digitalising society is constantly demanding new requirements for online payments.


  • uniform and understandable security methods for online transactions

  • The interests of the Belgian webshops have to be guaranteed in cross-border online payment transactions

  • working with payment service providers to create efficient and simple mobile payment solutions

Payment Services Directive 2 (NL/FR)

Regulatory Technical Standards on Strong Customer Authentification (RTS on SCA) (NL/FR)

Instant Payments

5. Corporate Social Responsibility

BeCommerce wishes to contribute to social goals such as CO2 reduction, social participation and financial transactions.


  • develop a coherent vision of the significance of corporate social responsibility. The focus is primarily on the relationship between CO2 and sustainable (urban) logistics.

  • A vision for the logistics and distribution sector: the last mile of the company to the consumer.

Strategic Non-Commercial Partnerships

In order to achieve our goals, BeCommerce works with other non-profit organisations either through our standard agreements or through agreements that are pushed forward by the entity concerned.

More information about these non-commercial collaborations can be obtained by contacting .