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Terms and Conditions

These General Terms and Conditions apply to all products and services that BeCommerce offers.

Article 1 - Identity 

Asbl BeCommerce vzw

Markiesstraat 1
1000 Brussel
Telefoonnummer: +32 (0) 2 58 81 888
BTW-identificatienummer: BE0894.199.943

Article 2 - Services / products

In addition to unambiguous and written agreement, the present terms and conditions apply to any sale of BeCommerce products or services, including membership in the association and organization of seminars and events. These conditions apply above all other conditions, including those imposed by other parties.

By invoking or making use of a service of BeCommerce, an application for membership, placing orders and/or entering into a contract with BeCommerce, the client and/or the user acknowledges that he has received a copy of these terms and conditions or has taken prior notice of them, that they are opposable to him and irrevocably accepts their application. 

Article 3 - Billing 

All BeCommerce invoices are payable in cash, unless explicitly agreed otherwise in writing. In the event of non-payment on the due date, the amount, with full right and without notice of default, will be increased with an interest of 1% per month.

Article 4 - Membership 

If an organisation (company, corporation, legal entity, natural person, hereinafter: the applicant) submits an application for membership including a trustmark, this is irrevocably qualified as a binding membership.  

BeCommerce membership is tacitly renewed annually. The membership runs for 12 months. The membership fee is non-refundable. The membership fee is exclusive of VAT.

Article 5 - Trustmark 

The BeCommerce trustmark is mandatory for all BeCommerce members. To maintain membership, each member is required to obtain the BeCommerce trust seal of approval under the independent certification process conducted by Bureau Veritas. After successfully completing this procedure, the BeCommerce member must implement this trust mark on his webshop.

Each certificate relates to a specific website. For any other website with a different URL, the applicant will have to pay the amount of the certification if he wants to attach the BeCommerce trustmark to it.  

Article 6 - Contribution

Each member is obliged to pay the membership fee within the period specified in the invoice. If payment is not made on time and after two (2) reminders, the claim will be transferred to a collection agency. The costs shall be at the expense of the defaulting member.

The contribution categories are subject to a possible two-yearly review. This review will only be carried out on the basis of an objective ground such as a change in the e-commerce sector. BeCommerce will at no time change the price, characteristics or conditions of the contract without valid reason. 

The contribution will be determined annually on the basis of the turnover of the company of 2 years ago. This will be determined on the basis of the balance sheet provided on a voluntary basis by the member. The member will send BeCommerce the balance sheet at the latest the first week of February of the new year. BeCommerce is willing to sign a confidentiality agreement. Please send your request to

If the member does not provide the balance sheet, BeCommerce will request the information from an official or accredited body. BeCommerce will charge a fee of € 100 for this. If BeCommerce is unable to examine the annual accounts or make a justified estimate, the member will automatically be divided into category 3 (€ 2,200).

Article 7 - Non-conform use Trustmark

If BeCommerce detects a non-conforming use of the trustmark, it will give the user concerned thirty (30) days to adjust. In the absence of regularisation, the Board of Directors may decide to withdraw the label. 

Article 8 - Cancellation of membership 

Cancellation of membership at BeCommerce is only possible by means of a letter, at the latest on September 30 of the year preceding the year for which the member wishes to cancel his membership. Cancellation of the membership is only possible after the initial twelve months of membership.

Article 9 - Orders / registrations 

Every order for a product or every registration at a workshop, event or any other conference with a paying entrance is registered with BeCommerce upon receipt of the completed registration form. BeCommerce is not bound to confirm an enrollment or order. Any cancellation of an order or registration at a seminar or any other conference or event with a paying entrance is non-refundable.

Article 10 - Processing of personal data 

All personal data communicated to BeCommerce in the context of membership is registered in its database. Every individual involved has a right of access and correction. He / she can object to the processing of this data for direct marketing purposes.

Artikel 11 - Force majeure

In case of force majeure we are not obliged to fulfil our obligations. In that case we can either suspend our obligations for the duration of the force majeure or definitively dissolve the agreement. Force majeure is any circumstance beyond our will and control that prevents performance in whole or in part. This includes strikes, fire, business interruptions, power failures, failures in the network or connection of used communication systems and/or the unavailability of our website at any time, non-delivery or late delivery of suppliers or engaged third parties, ...

Article 12 - Dispute resolution 

You can first contact BeCommerce by emailing We examine the dispute within a reasonable time. In case of a dispute, be it for any reason, only the courts of the place of BeCommerce's registered office have jurisdiction. Disputes are settled under Belgian law.

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