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About BeCommerce

Our values

Our logo personifies our mission: to boost consumer confidence in e-commerce. The thumbs-up and different colors symbolize our company's values: reliability, authenticity and credibility.

The thumbs-up is the universal sign of "well done", reflecting our trademark perfectly. The circle represents interconnectivity in the world of e-commerce and the blue border embodies depth, stability, trust and loyalty. The white background is a deliberate choice to ensure that our logo is compatible with most online stores.

Moreover, the BeCommerce logo represents not only our values, but also our stakeholders and our business model: we are a non-profit association, so our stakeholders are vital to our organization. Each type of stakeholder of our community was assigned a specific color, which is incorporated into our emblem. 

Green symbolizes our B2C members, blue the B2B members, purple the webshop partners, red is the color of our business partners and orange indicates our sponsors. A stakeholder can belong to several categories. This flexible approach allows us to serve the stakeholders according to their individual needs.

Our mission

"Boost consumer confidence in digital commerce""

Strengthening Trust & Image                 

The Belgian e-commerce sector is growing at a phenomenal pace, making online reputation management more important than ever for companies. We strongly believe in the power of reviews and are convinced that they play a decisive role in the development of trust in online commerce.

Bringing Together Businesses

BeCommerce brings together all companies active in the Belgian e-commerce landscape to share knowledge, experience and insights through networking events, summits, webinars and peer sessions.

Representing Companies

We represent all companies active in the Belgian e-commerce landscape. Their interests are represented on both a national and international level.

Creating a Favourable e-Climate                 

BeCommerce is committed to create a favorable economic and political environment for the sector and remove all regulatory restrictions that are detrimental to the competitiveness and development of the Belgian e-commerce sector. Investing in research & data is indispensable in this context.

Our vision

"To stimulate the growth of the entire e-commerce sector"


  • the granting of a solid trustmark

  • organization of interesting networking events

  • Investments in Research & Data

  • Representation of interests at national and European level.

  • mediating complaints in an amicable manner

... BeCommerce aims to take the growth of the entire e-commerce sector to unprecedented heights.

Statutes of the Association

The companies which carry our label must respect the BeCommerce Code of Conduct. In addition to legal obligations, the certified web-shops must also comply with a dozen other rules which were specifically designed by us to protect consumers, while simultaneously stimulating the digital sector.

Consult the articles of association here:

  • Statuten - NL: / FR: / ENG: 

  • Rules of Procedure (NL/FR/ENG)

  • BeCommerce's Code of Conduct(NL/FR/ENG)

  • Certification Regulations of BeCommerce's trustmark(NL/FR/ENG) 

  • Strategic Committee Guidelines(NL/FR/ENG)

Please note that expanding the BeCommerce trustmark is not a guaranteed fund for any possible financial inability. For example, we can make a claim in the event of a suspension of payment or bankruptcy.