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The BeCommerce Trustmark

The BeCommerce Trustmark is the most trusted label for purchasing products and services via the internet in the BeNeLux.

Webshops receive the BeCommerce Trustmark after going through a certification process carried out by an independent organization, namely Bureau VeritasA webshop that carries the Trustmark, has signed the BeCommerce code of conduct and respects the regulations. BeCommerce wants to use the Trustmark to offer consumers a reliable and safe way to store online. 

The BeCommerce trustmark exists for both B2C and B2B web-shops:

  • The BeCommerce B2C Trustmark stimulates consumer trust in the web-shop.

  • The BeCommerce B2B Trustmark is aimed at the business customer who is also looking for reliable and transparent trade partners.

Both trustmarks can be obtained separately. Web shops that focus on both consumers and business customers can acquire both certificates. The BeCommerce logo is designed to clearly show which certificates a webshop has obtained.

Every two years, a check of each web-shop is carried out to verify whether is still complies with our regulations. The web-shop in question shall be officially informed of this and shall make the necessary adjustments within an imposed period to comply with our certification regulations in order to keep our trustmark.

Having the BeCommerce trustmark does not equal guaranteed financial stability. A claim can be made against the web-shop in the events of suspension of payment or bankruptcy.

Why Choose the BeCommerce Trustmark?

In terms of regularisation, e-commerce is very different from traditional physical shops. Where physical shops have to be licensed by local authorities to carry out their activities, this is not the case with e-commerce because e-commerce is not local.  The e-commerce sector therefore has no choice but to regulate itself. A membership and a Trustmark with a third party such as Becommerce is therefore essential to gain consumer confidence. 

The BeCommerce Trustmark offers advantages for both the consumer/business customer and the webshop :
  • Convenience and efficiency: For the webshop, the BeCommerce Trustmark can strengthen consumer confidence. It also gives him a membership to the Belgian e-commerce community and gives him access to interesting market data and studies.

  • Transparency: Consumers/business customers gain more insight into the businesses they do work with and how they can easily approach this. The web-shop shows through the BeCommerce Trustmark that it sets up initiatives to contribute to a safer and reliable online shopping environment.

  • Safety: The label indicates that the web-shop is taking proper precautions to protect the personal information of consumers/business customers, and in particular the informations which pertain to payment (regarding phishing and hacking). The bi-annual safety scan keeps the web-shop up to date with the latest standards of internet security.

  • Privacy: The label shows consumers/business customers that the webshop takes action to protect their privacy when they make a purchase on the webshop. The webshop respects the privacy regulations in force and is always kept informed of the latest developments.

  • Independent complaints mediation: Consumers/business customers who have experienced a problem with a webshop can contact our independent complaints department via our complaints form. For webshops, this means that problems can be addressed quickly, efficiently and cost-effectively. BeCommerce is not a guarantee fund for financial inability to which, for example, a member company may be entitled in the event of a suspension of payment or bankruptcy.

  • E-Commerce Europe Trustmark: Through our membership of the European umbrella organisation E-Commerce Europe, we directly influence European policy, aiming to achieve an ideal balance between consumer rights and benefits and a favourable climate for the merchant. A web-shop that obtains the BeCommerce Trustmark is also entitled to wear the European E-commerce Europe label. This way the web-shop can also promote the confidence of the European customer in its cross-border activities.

What does the BeCommerce Trustmark represent?

BeCommerce grants a trust mark to a webshop when it meets all the individual criteria of the BeCommerce Trustmark checklist. Because BeCommerce is committed to transparency, these questionnaires can be consulted on our website.

Important elements which BeCommerce looks out for:

  • General terms and conditions: Here you can consult a version of standard general terms and conditions (NL / FR / ENG). 

  • Privacy en cookie policy: You can find a version of a standard privacy and cookie policy here (NL FR / ENG).

  • Ordering Process

  • Safety: The six-month security scan and SSL check, performed on behalf of BeCommerce byForus-PTo identify vulnerabilities in web applications, the process of achieving and maintaining the BeCommerce Trustmark is also an integral part of the process. A web-shop will not be able to obtain the BeCommerce Trustmark if it is considered unsafe during the safety scan and if the web-shop fails to take the necessary measures at the appropriate time. Forus-P is of course always involved in the web-shops with the necessary information and information to get rid of the insecurity involved as quickly as possible.

  • Reviews:  With the strong growth that the Belgian e-commerce industry is currently experiencing, online reputation management is more important than ever for companies. We strongly believe in the power of reviews and believe that they play a decisive role in creating trust in online commerce.
    In 2018, we already announced that we see reviews as an extension of our own label. As of 2019, using a review system of your choice has also become a binding condition for achieving and maintaining the BeCommerce Seal of Approval.


Consult the code of conduct: NL / FR / ENG

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