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Are you looking for a trustworthy webshop?

In our members list NL / FR from BeCommerce, you can find all webshops that carry the BeCommerce Trustmark. Consult the certificate for more information!

Compliance audit: Consumer rights

Only the webshops that are members of BeCommerce carry the BeCommerce Trustmark.. They have been thoroughly checked and verified by a third party auditor. All our members follow the strict Belgian and European legislation and have also signed the BeCommerce code of conduct. The certified shops can be recognized by the BeCommerce label displayed on their website.
Members of BeCommerce want to give you more confidence in the e-commerce sector and offer a safe way to shop online.    

Your rights are respected and guaranteed! 

Security Check

Our partner Forus-P performs a Web Application Scan (WAS) twice a year with the program QualysGuard. During the scan, the scanner looks for dangerous OWASP Top10 vulnerabilities in web applications by entering various codes in forms and on pages. These codes can trigger actions that hackers could use to manipulate or steal data. The scanner does not perform these actions, but it does report them as errors. No personal data is accessed, collected or stored by the scanner. If an error in the software does allow personal data to be viewed, this is reported as a data breach. Only the software of the web application and only the specified URL, with any associated subdomains, are tested.

The OWASP Top 10 vulnerabilities are a good basis to bring webshop security to an acceptable level of security by identifying the most critical vulnerabilities.

Alternative Dispute Resolution                 

Do you have complaints against a web shop or are you receiving unsolicited advertising? Then you have come to the right place: read the info below and fill in the complaint form. We'll take care of it.

BeCommerce acts as a mediator between online shops (both BeCommerce members and non-members active in the Belgian market) and online shoppers.

BeCommerce is very happy to help you resolve a complaint about your online shopping experience and unsolicited advertising (SPAM). 

What do you need to do specifically to get your problem solved as quickly as possible?

  • Firstly, contact the webshop yourself. Preferably by e-mail so that there is written proof, which can be used afterwards.
  • Haven't been able to find a solution between the two parties? Contact us by using the complaint form below.

Post Point

Looking for a postal point in Belgium for your e-commerce orders? Do you want to know where to send your parcel and with which operator or where you can have your package delivered?  You can find it here ((NL/FR).