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Executive Committee

Our Young and Dynamic 
BeCommerce Team


Sofie Geeroms
Managing Director 

As managing director, Sofie keeps the overview and steers the BeCommerce Team on. Sofie is best characterized as: driven, open, critical, fair, strict, curious, warm and warm, honest, responsible and fun.


Joeri Luypaert
Business Development Manager

As Business Development Manager, Joeri is responsible for the growth of the company. The contact between new potential members and BeCommerce happens through him. Joeri is best characterized as: driven, friendly and understanding, critical, ambitious, honest and creative.


Meri Musheghyan
Communications Manager 

As a communicationsmanager, Meri is responsible for all communications as well as the managment of social media. Meri is best characterized as: driven, passionate, optimistic, ambitious, creative, critical, cordial and friendly.


Davy Verschoot
Legal Counsel and Trustmark Specialist 

As legal counsel, Davy provides legal advice to our members and follows relevant developments in Belgian and European legislation. As a Trustmark specialist, Davy closely monitors the entire (re)certification process of our members. Davy is best characterized as: driven, spontaneous, optimistic, ambitious, self-assured, critical, persevering, enthusiastic, curious, intelligent.


Pieter Pijpops
Community Manager

As community manager, Pieter is the main point of contact for our community. Pieter is best characterized as: enthusiastic, passionate, motivated, customer-oriented and helpful.

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