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 1. Fedustria

BeCommerce has entered into a strategic partnership with Fedustria, the Belgian federation of the textile, wood and furniture industries. In Belgium, Fedustria represents some 1,800 companies of which more than 90% are SMEs. Together, they create more than 38,000 direct jobs and generate a turnover of 9.6 billion euros, of which about 70% is from exports. 

Fedustria's mission is to assist the companies of the textile, wood and furniture industries in their successful development and this by safeguarding and strengthening their competitiveness. This is achieved by acting as a representative of these sectors, actively defending the common interests of its member companies, offering a wide range of specialized services, creating a common training and meeting place for members, and providing accurate and rapid information.

All industries today face technological challenges, including the textile, wood and furniture industries. Digital presence is one thing, digital commerce is quite another. 

Through this strategic partnership, BeCommerce and Fedustria want to keep as many members and partners as possible up to date on the latest digital trends and data in e-commerce.

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