Fost-Plus | BeCommerce

6. Fost Plus

Fost Plus is the engine of the circular economy for household packaging in Belgium. The organisation organises and finances the recycling chain for household packaging waste. By working together with stakeholders within an ecosystem, we set up efficient and effective processes for the selective collection, sorting and recycling of PMD, glass and paper/cardboard. In this way, we are realising our mission: to offer a recycling solution for every packaging item that comes onto the Belgian market.

Companies that market packaged products are responsible for the waste phase and recycling of that packaging. They can fulfil their Extended Producer Responsibility by joining the collective system of Fost Plus. Via the Green Point, they then pay the real costs linked to the selective collection, sorting and recycling of the packaging that they bring onto the market.

As an interest group for digital commerce, BeCommerce attaches great importance to sustainability. The legal obligations in the context of packaging were therefore included in our checklist which functions as a testing framework to obtain the BeCommerce trustmark. This means concretely that BeCommerce members can only obtain or keep the trustmark if they meet the legal obligations and fulfil their (financial) responsibility with regard to the recycling of their packaging.