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4. GS1 Belgium & Luxembourg

GS1 Belgium & Luxembourg is an independent neutral non-for-profit organisation that includes organisations such as supermarkets, DIY stores, webshops, marketplaces, their suppliers and logistics service providers. GS1 Belgium & Luxembourg is part of the worldwide GS1 organisation which is active in more than 110 countries and has more than two million members. In Belgium and Luxembourg more than 7,500 companies are members of GS1 using the GS1 standards.

GS1 aims to develop a more efficient supply chain by providing global standards for identification, as well as for data capture and sharing. The best known of these standards is the 'Global Trade Item Number' or GTIN (formerly known as EAN code). A GTIN uniquely identifies a product or trade item worldwide. Usually a GTIN is encoded in a barcode so that it can be quickly read by a scanner at the checkout or in the warehouse. Even the best known webshops often require that products have a GTIN of GS1. Thanks to GS1's My Product Manager platform you can easily create these unique product codes in just a few clicks. 

With this partnership BeCommerce wants to contribute to a more efficient operation of companies and a better service to their customers. GS1 standards are therefore the first step in improving efficiency and traceability throughout the supply chain.