Raad van Bestuur | BeCommerce

Board of Administration                 

BeCommerce under BAM

BeCommerce was a division of the current BAM (NL/FR) and grouped companies active in distance selling

Creation BeCommerce vzw

The organisation as BeCommerce exists today was established in 2008.

Creation BeCommerce Keurmerk

In 2008 BeCommerce developed its own trustmark, the BeCommerce Trustmark

Europese activiteiten: Ecommerce Europe

The ASBL is growing into a major platform for digital commerce that is part of the European Organisation for Digital Commerce, Ecommerce Europe. BeCommerce focuses on the presence, consultation and representation of the digital sector at national and international level.

Fusion BeCommerce en SafeShops.be

For years, the industry associations BeCommerce and SafeShops.be have been creating an environment in which online purchases of products and services can be made safely and reliably, both for the consumer, the online customer and for the Belgian online store. By joining forces, the needs of all online merchants, large and small, can be even better met.

The Board of Directors has been carefully selected by participants of the General Assembly conducted by our members. Only BeCommerce members are eligible to become a member of our Board of Administration.

From 2011 to 2018, Patricia Ceysens was President of BeCommerce. In 2019, Jan Vereecke - as the longest-serving member of the Board of Directors - took over the torch.  

Odoo - Voorbeeld 2 voor drie kolommen

Jan Vereecke

Chairman of the Board of Directors & Treasurer of BeCommerce - Managing Partner at Antwerp Sportpaleis & Tele Ticket Service

Professional Background 

Since 1985: co-founder and co-producer of Night of the Proms
Since 1986: Managing Partner of Tele Ticket Service
Since 1997: Managing Partner of Antwerp Sports Palace

Jan Vereecke founded Tele Ticket Service in 1986, together with Jan Van Esbroeck and Stefan Esselens. Tele Ticket Service transformed the Belgian ticketing market from brick-and-mortar (mainly record shops) to call-center services and, logically, to an online business with the rise of the Internet.

He is also chairman of the board of Directors at BeCommerce & Managing Partner at the Antwerp Sportpaleis.

Keys to Success                     

Think long term and be patient.
Speak up and intervene when necessary.
Seize opportunities when they arise.

Professional Goals

I want to lead the various companies I am involved in, in a way that involves the workers and guarantees growing opportunities for them.

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Erik Cuypers

Group CIO - Maxeda DIY Group

Professional Background

Erik has more than 25 years of experience as CEO, CIO, teacher and board member.  He likes to inspire people and strongly believes in the human capital of organisations and the leverage of empowerment.  With a strong business orientation, he is always looking for ways to improve organisations. He focuses on the creation of value for shareholders, customers and employees. Erik has repeatedly demonstrated his ability to create and manage change in organisations across multiple sectors. 

Since 2015: Group CDO van Maxeda DIY
2013-2015: CIO van JBC
2013: Interim Program Manager van VUB
2008-2011: CIO van Thomas Cook
2007-2008: Head Communications van ING
2002-2007: CIO van Cigna, Vanbreda International/Risk & Benefits
2001-2002: Managing Director van Cronos
1998-2001: CEO van Standaard Uitgeverij
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Bénédicte Lobelle

CMO Nationale Lottery

Professional Background

Bénédicte Lobelle is CMO of the Belgian National Lottery. Since 2014, she has been working on a strong digital ecosystem in an omnichannel company with millions of customers. Bénédicte Lobelle has been evolving for years in the world of digital media and marketing.

Keys to Success

Be curious and try to achieve the less obvious things. Stay down to earth and just do it.

Professional Goals

Contribute to the evolution of the company in a sustainable way.
Strive for an optimal way of working with a forward-looking team.
Provide each team member with the opportunity to develop and incorporate personal goals that members pursue.

Frederik De Vetter

Regional director - Mediamarkt

Professional Background

Frederik De Vetter is one of the driving forces behind Media Markt. He has been working for the company for over seventeen years. In 2005, he started as the Store Manager for a local MediaMarkt. Today, De Vetter is Regional Director.

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Geert Kelchtermans

Director E-Transformation

Professional Background

After his Master's degree in Economics and International Politics, Geert started his career at Belgacom in 2014 as Product Manager IPTV.

After a successful launch of Proximus TV in 2005, Geert quickly took a leading position in the IPTV and convergence domain as Lead Manager TV. With the development & launch of TV Everywhere in 2010 Proximus was one of the first companies to offer a full 3-screen experience for its digital TV offering (on TV, tablet and the web).

In 2011 Geert joined the Proximus marketing team and became Head of Marketing Acquisition for all residential fixed (telephony, internet & TV) and mobile products.

Confronted with digital challenges, Proximus created a new department in mid-2014: E-transformation. Geert was given the position of Director Digital Transformation & Studio in that department. The stated goal: to further digitise Proximus on the various touchpoints with customers (finding, buying, service, maintenance, etc.) and create a unique customer experience in an omnichannel environment.

Keys to success                     

"Customer first" thinking.Learn fast, fail fast.  

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Baudouin Boone

Corporate Secretary - BeCommerce & Legal Counsel - Unigro

Professional Background

Baudoin Boone is Corporate Secretary at BeCommerce & Corporate Lawyer at Unigro. He was a member of the Legal and Economic Committee at Comeos and was also a lawyer at Electrabel.

Baudoin holds a Master's degree in Law from the University of Namur and KU Leuven. He also followed the post-graduate Tax Program (Tax University) and the Financial Management Program (KUL).

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Hélène Portegies

CEO Yuzzu

Professional Background

Hélène Portegies is CEO of Touring Insurance. For over 20 years she was part of the AXA group. From her start as actuary she evolved to Pricing and Product Management functions. In 2009 she joined Touring Insurance where the scope of her responsibilities gradually expanded to operational functions such as Marketing, Sales, Contract Management & claims. For her appointment as CEO in 2017, she managed Operations & IT in the context of the re-platform project and the transformation journey of Touring Insurance.

Keys to Success                     

Be positive and enthusiastic.
Not waiting, but taking initiative and "doing".
Creating opportunities for others.

Professional Goals

Build a customer-centred organisation. Create an inspiring vision and a clear direction so that my entire team can evolve.

Benny Sintobin


Professional Background

Sinds 1999: Mede-oprichter Gift.be - online webwinkel voor relatiegeschenken.

Sinds 2003: Oprichter Nayan.be - eCommerce dienstverlener.

Sinds 2021: Algemeen directeur van de Nayan Divisie van de Smartphoto Group (SmartphotoGroup.be)

Hij is ook voorzitter van de Raad van Bestuur bij Maksvzw.org in Brussel, en business mentor bij Beyond (PulseFoundation.be )

Maks richt zich op digitale en sociale inclusie van 6 tot 106 jaar, door middel van opleiding, coaching en openbare computerlokalen.    

Pulse is een filantropische organisatie die het ondernemerschap steunt, gesteund door Belgische ondernemersfamilies.

Keys to Success                     

It can be done. Can’t must be overcome.

Professional Goals

Ik wil mijn expertise in grensoverschrijdende e-commerce en digitale transformatie ondersteunen en delen met ondernemers die klaar zijn om een bedrijf op te bouwen of op te schalen dat een belangrijke sociale of milieu-impact kan hebben.