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Rules for the Awards 2020


The BeCommerce Awards is an initiative of BeCommerce, a non-profit organisation, which wants to increase confidence in the e-commerce sector and represent the community of active web-shops in Belgium.

On 26 November 2020, the BeCommerce Awards will be presented for the 15th time at the historic site of Tour & Taxis in Brussels. As every year, BeCommerce takes care of the organisation and through sponsoring and ticket sales, of 100% financing of the event.

With the award ceremony, BeCommerce aims to make a positive contribution to the industry's self-awareness.



Participation Rules

Participation in the BeCommerce Awards is open to:

  • All web-shops selling products and/or services on the Belgian market via e-commerce activities;

  • and also for suppliers operating in the e-commerce sector.

Sales must be in Dutch, French, German or English.

Companies can register for participation in the BeCommerce Awards 2020 until Wednesday, August 18, 2020. Files may be submitted until Thursday 2 September 2020.

Registration for companies is possible by filling in the registration form.Once registered, each participant can review the requirements necessary to win through his/her BeCommerce business account and reload his/her final file into his/her BeCommerce business account for Thursday evening 2 September 2020.

BeCommerce and the judges will treat all the forms and files submitted in absolute confidence. The members of the jury will, in this context, sign an individual confidentiality agreement prior to the deliberations.

Web-shops, which are not yet a member of BeCommerce, can acquire a free BeCommerce membership for 2020 with their subscription to the BeCommerce Awards 2020. The BeCommerce membership is the first step in the process to obtain the BeCommerce trust mark. The costs associated with the external audit for the achievement of the trust mark (€ 550) shall be borne by the company concerned.

1. The BeCommerce Awards 2020


The awards of the BeCommerce Awards 2020 are for the following 10 categories:

  • The BeCommerce Start-up Award

  • The BeCommerce Consumer Journey/UserX Award

  • The BeCommerce Cross-border Award

  • The BeCommerce Sustainability Award

  • The BeCommerce Innovation Award

  • The BeCommerce Omnichannel Award

  • The BeCommerce Advertising Campaign Award

  • The BeCommerce Platform Award

  • The BeCommerce Payment Award

  • The BeCommerce Logistics Award

The BeCommerce Start-up Award

The Start-up Award is intended for web-shops that define themselves as a Start-up. Explain to us why you think you are a Start-up. We are also interested in your starting capital, the obstacles you encounter and the number of customers you are currently reaching. Whether you're working with a small team or have just started, this prize is for you!

The BeCommerce Consumer Journey/UserX Award

If you think your web-shop offers the best user experience or the optimal consumer experience, register for the Consumer Journey/UserX Award. For this price, we'd like to analyse the technologies you use, your customers' expectations and/or your user-friendliness strategy.

The BeCommerce Cross-border Award

If your web-shop operates abroad, the Cross-border Award could be interesting for you. For this price we are interested in your Belgian and foreign visitors, in the countries you export to, but also in your cross-border challenges. Think you can win this Award? Register your web-shop soon!

The BeCommerce Sustainability Award

For the Sustainability Award, we would like to know more about your strategy in the field of sustainable development, from logistics to production. Are you careful with your energy consumption and are you trying to minimise your carbon footprint? Don't hesitate to register your web-shop for the Sustainability Award.

The BeCommerce Innovation Award

Is there a certain domain in which your web-shop is innovative? We are interested to learn more about this innovation, but also about the technologies you use, your R&D budget and the beneficiaries of the innovation. Sign up for the Innovation Award and tell us more about your innovative solution.

The BeCommerce Omni-channel Award

Does your webshop have the best omni-channel strategy and would you like to share it with us? Then take part in the omni-channel award that focuses on your omni-channel challenges, the different technologies you use, and your recommendations in this area.

The BeCommerce Advertising Campaign Award

Do your advertising campaigns work perfectly and you think you could win the Advertising Campaign Award? For this price, we will study your online and offline advertising, your advertising strategy or even inbound and outbound marketing. Register your web-shop for the Advertising Campaign Award now!

The BeCommerce Marketplace Award

You are a marketplace or you have a connection to marketplaces and you want to compete for a price that suits you? You can now subscribe to the Marketplace Award, focusing on your platform/application, your strategy against market places or the countries where you sell.

The BeCommerce Payment Award

For the Payment Award we would like to know everything about the payment strategy of your web-shop. We are interested in the innovation of your online payment system, its security and how you are acting against fraud. Do you think your web-shop is a forerunner in the field of online payments? Register for the Payment Award!

The BeCommerce Logistics Award

If you believe that your web-shop has the best logistics strategy, you can take part in the Logistics Award. What is the carbon footprint of your energy consumption? How fast is your delivery time? How do you see the last mile? Explain it to us and possibly win the Logistics Award!

Presenting the Awards

The awards are awarded under the auspices of BeCommerce. The apotheosis of the gala evening on the 22nd of October 2020 marks the announcement of the winners and the award ceremony for each category.


The evaluation of the participants will be carried out initially by a selection board. The jury will review the entries using a specifically designed set of criteria. The deliberation will take place on 14 September 2020. Based on the criteria specifically developed for this purpose, the jury selects the 3 nominees for each category. The jury may decide to exclude a participant in a discretionary manner if the file is insufficiently motivated and may also remove an award category if there are too few participants.

The public vote will start on the 16th of September and everyone has until 30 September to vote for their favourite. In this context, the participating companies must not offer any benefit or opportunity to benefit from the call for a vote. The assessment of the public vote is based on the calculation of a coefficient based on the traffic on a particular website and the number of votes cast.

Op 27 oktober zullen de genomineerden voor de 10 B-eCommerce Awards bekend zijn. 

The final deliberation for the BeCommerce Award takes place before the Awards ceremony on October 22nd, 2020.

Each participant can only win one BeCommerce Award


The registration fee for the prizes is € 250. Participants can register for one and the same registration fee in as many categories as they wish. Participants can also make a selection of special jury awards, special public awards and the BeCommerce Award.

Tickets for the gala evening cost € 175 per person. Tables can be obtained at € 1600 for a maximum of 10 people.

These enrolments and tickets are non-refundable.

The winners are required to collect their prize in person on the evening, and are eligible for exclusion if this is not possible.

Procedure, nominations and winners

Upon receipt of the completed and duly completed registration form and payment due, the participant will receive a written confirmation of participation. The participant will receive a questionnaire by email after confirmation. This form should be submitted by 2 September 2020. The nominees will submit a video by 1 October 2020. The data will be treated confidentially.

By means of the registration form, the participants declare their agreement to these rules. You may not make changes or add texts to banners, formats and/or other communications provided by the BeCommerce Awards.

The winner/nominees of the prize may be eligible to carry the Winner/nominated Winner's Prize from the day the BeCommerce Awards winners/nominees are announced to the day before the announcement of the BeCommerce Awards for the following calendar year. Use by the participant of the promotional material provided by the organisation (banners and formats) outside the periods mentioned above is punished with an immediate payable penalty of € 50,- for each day that the promotional material is used outside the aforementioned periods.

Failure to comply with the provisions laid down in this participation regulation will result in disqualification and/or exclusion of participants from participation. The decision to disqualify or exclude participation is taken by the BeCommerce Executive Board. In all matters which are not mentioned in these rules, the management board of BeCommerce shall decide, with the possibility of appeal, to the management board of BeCommerce.


2. The Agility Prize 2020 

This year, the Jury will award the Agility Prize to the company that distinguished itself during the corona crisis. The Agility Prize is a special prize for our e-commerce entrepreneurs who have shown and proven that they were able to exploit the corona pandemic and take their e-commerce activities to the next level.

3. The Special Jury & Special Public Awards 2020

The jury will also award the Special Jury Award to the company that it regards as the winner. The selection board may decide to exclude a participant in a discretionary manner if the file concerned is found to be insufficient or incomplete. The jury also reserves the right to remove an award category if there are too few participants.

The public also decides to which company the Special Public Award is awarded to. The voting period for the public will run from 16 September to 30 September 2020. In this context, the participating companies must not offer any benefit or opportunity to benefit from the call for a vote. The assessment of the public vote is based on the calculation of a coefficient based on the traffic on a particular website and the number of votes cast.


4. The BeCommerce Award 2020

The 6 favourites nominated by the jury (Special Jury Award) and the public (Special Public Award) will be interviewed by the jury. Based on these interviews, the winner of this prize will be made known personally and publicly on the day of the gala evening during the Awards ceremony itself.

For an overview of our participants click here. 
For pictures of last year's gala click here.

5. Summary Timeframe

Opening registrations competition and gala

Tuesday, November 26, 2019 

Closing registration competition

Tuesday, September 27, 2020 

Closing submission case competition

Sunday, October 11, 2020
at 12 PM 

Jury deliberations & nominations

Monday, October 26, 2020

Start of the public voting period

Monday, November 9, 2020 

End of the public voting period

Sunday, November 22, 2020 

Final deliberations & nominations (10 B-eCommerce Awards + Special Public Award + Agility Prize) 

Monday, November 23, 2020

Final deliberation (Thé BeCommerce Award)

Thursday, November 26, 2020 at 4 PM at Tour & Taxis, Brussels

Awards ceremony

Thursday, November 26, 2020 at 6 PM at Tour & Taxis, Brussels