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As a Belgian e-commerce driven organisation and expertise center, Research & Data (BCR&D) is a fundamental part of our services. This keeps our community informed of the latest trends and developments in the e-commerce sector. These services are exclusvely offered to our members and partners. Don't have login details yet? Sign up here to become a  member or a partner and enjoy all of our benefits!

Our R&D services

BeCommerce Newsletter

Our newsletter (BCNL) will give you the most essential news from the industry on a weekly basis. We will inform you about trends in online trade, the digital world and relevant developments at political and policy level.

BeCommerce Market Monitor

The BeCommerce Market Monitor (BCMM) is the benchmark research on online consumer spending in Belgium and is conducted every quarter. Through the Market Monitor, we provide you with periodic information about total online purchases, specific segments of online consumer spending and information about the Belgian online buyer.

BeCommerce Shopping100

With the BeCommerce Shopping100 (BCS100) we offer you an annual analysis of the Top 100 webshops in Belgium. The main question we answer is: "Where do Belgian shoppers buy online?" To do so, we conduct an analysis of the total Belgian B2C retail excluding travel, finance and insurance. The Shopping100 is offered exclusively to our members and partners and can be consulted by non-members and non-partners against payment.

BeCommerce Surveys

Through our surveys, you can directly contribute to the collection of relevant data about the e-commerce landscape. You will also be aware of the trending topics of the moment.

ShoppingTomorrow Tech Trip

Every year, our Dutch colleagues and Ecommerce Foundation organize the ShoppingTomorrow Tech Trip. The purpose of the annual study trip is to learn about the latest trends and innovations in (e-)commerce and to experience progressive omnichannel shopping experiences. Each year, a number of places are reserved exclusively for BeCommerce members.  


Consumers today are embrace technology increasingly, which leads to a steep rise for Belgian e-commerce. More than ever, they want to choose how and at what times they come into contact with companies. What remains important for retailers, large and small, is that they also want to draw from a wide range of channels: Social media, the company website, large e-commerce platforms or simply in the store itself. Belgian retailers are obliged to adopt an omni-channel approach that seamlessly integrates a wide range of online and offline channels. Such an omni-multichannel model brings with it 5 big challenges that you can find in our white paper.