Veiligheid/fraude | BeCommerce

More Safety and Less Fraud

Lobby Belgian
and regional legislation

Lobby Europese en internationale regelgeving

More security,
less fraud

 Reliable online payments

 Maatschappelijk verantwoord ondernemen

BeCommerce aims to achieve a balance between consumer rights and a good business environment for digital commerce. Entrepreneurs need clear rules and predictable supervision. In Europe, harmonised rules must be established for consumer rights, privacy, etc. with a minimum of administrative burdens. These goals lead to five key areas for BeCommerce:

More Safety and Less Fraud

Security throughout the transaction chain is crucial, both for consumers and for the webshops. Consumers must feel safe when it comes to transactions involving the release of personal data. Webshops want security in the logistics chain and an assured collection of the money they are entitled to.


  • Strive to reduce online crime

  • Communal approach to online fraud

  • Raise awareness of the use of electronic identification and trust services

  • Application of strong customer authentication in Belgium (PSD2) (NL/FR/ENG)

  • Electronic IDentification and trust Services Regulation (eIDAS) (NL/FR/ENG).