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Mandatory security scan

The safety of the webshop is of the utmost importance to the consumer when shopping online. As part of the BeCommerce trustmark, our partner Forus-P performs twice a year a Web Application Scan (WAS) with the QualysGuard program. During the scan, the scanner looks for dangerous OWASP Top10 vulnerabilities in web applications by entering various codes in forms and on pages. These codes can cause actions that hackers could use to manipulate or steal data. The scanner does not perform these actions, but reports them as an error. No personal data is viewed, collected or stored by the scanner. If, due to an error in the software, personal data can still be viewed, this will be reported as a data breach. Only the software of the web application and only the specified URL, with any associated subdomains, are tested.

The OWASP Top 10 vulnerabilities are a good basis for taking the security of webshops to an acceptable security level by identifying the most critical vulnerabilities.

Optional premium security scan for BeCommerce members and partners

Safety and security is a very important aspect within e-commerce and the operation of webshops. We have therefore asked ourselves how we can better protect our community and its consumers while at the same time providing greater security. For example, each member is required to undergo a six-monthly security audit conducted by Forus-P. 

We can now offer our members and partners a monthly more in-depth premium security scan. The premium security scan is a monthly scan that extensively tests a website for vulnerabilities. This way you can be sure that your webshop is secure all year round. This scan is also carried out by our partner Forus-P.

You can find more information  here

PwC Cookiebot: cookie & privacy scan

Gegevensbescherming, privacy en veiligheid zijn ongelofelijk belangrijk voor e-commerce omdat het gaat om de bescherming van uw klantgegevens, financiële gegevenz etc. Wist u dat u online privacy en het correcte gebruik van cookies de topprioriteiten zijn van de Belgische gegevensbeschermingsautoriteit? Wist u dat diezelfde autoriteit onlangs een organisatie een boete van  €  15.000 heeft opgelegd voor inbreuken op de privacy en cookievereisten?  

Wilt u het vertrouwen van uw klanten vergroten en boetes vermijden?