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Free workshops are organised exclusively for BeCommerce members and partners. Are you a member or partner of BeCommerce and would you like to gain knowledge during a unique workshop? We would like to see you during our next workshop!

Upcoming Workshops


Omnichannel as a Service for brand Maufacturers Nayan

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Optimizing Microsoft Search 


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Discover our tips and tricks to communicate on a performance based manner during times of crisis

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Optimizing Microsoft Teams

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All About PSD2 Strong Authentication Requirements

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Optimizing LinkedIn

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An introduction to CONNECTS

Monitoring your e-Competitors 
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BeCommerce Peer Lunch/Webinar

  Een gelegnheid om met andere BeCommerce leden van gedachten kan wisselen over de uitdagingen binnen de e-commerce wereld.

Big Members, Big Challenges

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Home, decoration & gardening in e-commerce

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Clothes & Accessories in e-Commerce

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Electronics in e-Commerce

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Past Workshops

Customer experience in B2B

Alongside Magento and Smile, BeCommerce is happy to invite you on January 28th to a workshop. Discover how to expand your market and make your business model evolve while focusing on customer improvements.


The UPU Terminal Rates Explained

In October 2018, the US announced a possible withdrawal from the UN Universal Postal Union.

After a year of intensive negotiations, a consensus was reached among the 192 UPU members at the UPU Extraordinary Congress in Geneva.

What is the UPU? What are terminal dues? What was the outcome of the Congress?  How does it impact your e-commerce?


Omnichannel as a Service for Brand Manufacturers

In times when stores will never be the same again, some brands are counting more than ever on eCommerce.  Brands however that bring online and offline together seem to be the ones pulling the fastest out of the crisis.  Buy-Online-Pickup-In-Store or Buy-Online-Ship-From-Store seem to be obvious and easy solutions to put in place.  Many brands, however, struggle to bring omnichannel fast and efficiently to life.  Can Omnichannel-as-a-Service bring a much-needed answer to brands?  Join us in this webinar to find out!

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