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The Ecommerce Wiki is an English knowledge platform on which experts from all over the world share their e-commerce knowledge. BeCommerce supports this initiative because this platform helps people to improve in the field of e-commerce:

Our mission: sharing e-commerce knowledge

The EcommerceWiki is an initiative of Ecommerce Foundation in collaboration with Ecommerce Europe, the umbrella organization of BeCommerce. With the EcommerceWiki we hope to offer the e-commerce community a platform for collecting and sharing all knowledge about e-commerce-related topics: from branding and performance advertising, to merchandising, selecting an e-commerce platform and managing social media.

Why an EcommerceWiki?

Currently there are many websites and blogs covering e-commerce news and insights. However, detailed 'how to' information is difficult to find, not very well organized and not always reliable.

The EcommerceWiki collects e-commerce content in one convenient location. We invite experts from all corners of the world to contribute. We strive to gather basic, advanced and expert information so that the EcommerceWiki becomes the main place for everybody who would like to expand their knowledge, from students and online retailers (SME) to corporate digital experts.

Why join the EcommerceWiki?

Our ambition is to make the EcommerceWiki the international e-commerce handbook, which can help people with learning all about e-commerce, developing their skills and improving their business. The EcommerceWiki will be the “one-stop shop” for everything there is to know about e-commerce.

By sharing your knowledge with the community, you will help others to improve on e-commerce. In return, you will be able to improve your own knowledge through the contributions of other experts, contact these other experts and have the chance to position yourself to a large audience as an international expert in your field of expertise.

Interested in contributing to the EcommerceWiki? Please feel free to contact us.

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