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BeCommerce B2B Summit 2020

Tuesday 18th of February 2020 from 14:00 to 18:00 |
Europark-Noord 9, 9100 Sint-Niklaas (Van Hoecke Sint-Niklaas)


B2B commerce is becoming more digital every year, and has in fact become a substantial part of the e-commerce industry. More and more B2B enterprises decide to launch their own webshop in order to drive growth and face up to the competition. The online potential for B2B players is enormous and we expect this potential to grow even more in the upcoming years.

This year, the B2B Summit is taking place at the Van Hoecke headquaters. This Belgian family business based in Sint-Niklaas is the market leader in the Benelux in the distribution of hinges, hinged door systems and drawer systems of the Austrian brand Blum. In addition, Van Hoecke distributes drawer and kitchen accessories under its own brand ORGALUX.

  • How e-Commerce is transforming B2B? DHL 

  • What kind of e-action plan should companies set up? How should they get ready for this in-depth transformation? What are the main trends to follow? Smile

  • How to remove all friction for your customers through a conversational interface? How to reach e-Commerce integration in a complex eco-system through apps, platforms and webshops Van Hoecke

  • When will the Regulation on fairness and transparency in online platform trading (P2B Regulation) come into force, what is it’s aim and what does it mean for the relation between platforms and the e-commerce traders selling on it? Ecommerce Europe 

  • What are the facts and figures for consumer spending in Q3 of 2019? GFK

We are closing off the summit with a virtual company tour and a networking moment. 

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Program overview

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Drinks & sandwiches

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Welcome by Van Hoecke


Stijn Van Avermaet, Marketing Manager @Van Hoecke

A Belgian Success Story of e-Pioneers

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Odoo + afbeelding en tekst

Opening Keynote by DHL Parcel


Grit Adriaenssens, Sales & Customer Service Director @DHL &
Henrik van Marle, Manager New Services @DHL 

Transforming Powers of E-Commerce in B2B

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Business Insights by Van Hoecke


Dries Tindemans, Project Manager @Van Hoecke

E-commerce Integration: Webshops, Platforms, Apps reaching B2B and B2C in a complex eco-system

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B2B Regulatory Challenges


Léon Mölenberg @ECommerce Europe

EU Platform-to-Business (P2B) Regulation

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Coffee, tea & sweets

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Case Study #1 by Smile  


Raphaël Crémet, Digital Consultant @Smile

Ten key takeaways to speed up your business

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Case Study #2 by Van Hoecke 


Gilles Bontinck, Orgalux Project Lead @Van Hoecke

E-Commerce Generated Data: Removing all friction for our customers through a conversational interface

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Expert Insights by GfK  


Kathlyne Dotremont, Research expert, Marketing effectiveness @GfK

BeCommerce Market Monitor Q3 2019

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Odoo + afbeelding en tekst

Closing Keynote by Fedustria & BeCommerce


Fa Quix, General Manager @Fedustria &

Sofie Geeroms, Managing Director @BeCommerce

Business Drivers to Make the e-Commerce Move

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Drinks & finger food




Stijn Van Avermaet

Marketing Manager @ Van Hoecke  


Gilles Bontinck 

Orgalux Project Leader @ Van Hoecke


Dries Tindemans                              

Project Manager @ Van Hoecke 


Henrik Van Marle 

Manager New Services @ DHL Parcel  



Grit Adriaenssens

Sales & Customer Servic Director @DHL Parcel


Léon Mölenberg 

Senior Policy Advisor @ Ecommerce Europe  


Raphaël Crémet

Digital Consultant @Smile  


Kathlyne Dotremont

Research expert, marketing effectiveness @GFK 



Fa Quix

General Manager @Fedustria  


Sofie Geeroms

Managing Director @BeCommerce