Logistic_Summit_2021 | BeCommerce

Live-Webinar: The BeCommerce Logistics Summit - 8th edition -

by BPost -The Future of the last mile

Thursday 17th of June 2020 from 14:00 to 15:30 

Live Webinar - Microsoft Teams

During this global pandemic, the e-commerce sector experienced a huge boost. This increase in digital commerce relies on strong logistics players, who also optimized their processes to handle the surge in online orders in a timely manner. Without them, the e-commerce sector would not have been able to make the most of this opportunity that this crisis has brought. The importance of the logistics sector for e-commerce cannot be underestimated, which is why BeCommerce and Bpost are holding this 8th edition of the BeCommerce Logistics Summit: The future of The Last Mile by Bpost on June 17, 2021.


Program overview


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Welcome by BeCommerce


Sofie Geeroms, Managing Director BeCommerce

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Opening Keynote by BPost


Michel Defloor; in charge of marketing for BPost’s parcel business

The Future of The Last Mile

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BeCommerce Market Monitor Q1 2021 Report by GfK


Kathlyne Dotremont & Freyia Han 

How to approach a post-covid era for logistics & e-commerce ?

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Case Study by Hubo


Bart Verbist 

Logistics Manager @Hubo
What the e-commerce surge means for brick & mortar logistics

Closing Keynote


Sofie Geeroms, Managing Director BeCommerce






Sofie Geeroms, Managing Director @BeCommerce

Sofie Geeroms is since 2018 the managing director of the non-profit organization BeCommerce. In 2015, she has founded JASMO, an American early stage start-up company connecting home cooks to customers through a platform. Previously, she has worked in the finance industry with Fortune 100/500 insurance companies based in Manhattan, NY. Before heading to the USA, she served several Belgian ministerial cabinets advocating interests in social economic files, advancing commercial diplomacy for Belgian companies abroad and revising the federal internal audit system.


Kathlyne Dotremont, Research Expert Marketing Effectiveness


Kathlyne Dotremont is a research expert at the Marketing & Consumer Intelligence team at GfK. With a rich background in market analysis for more than 7 years, she joined GfK in 2018 to focus on market research with a special interest in helping companies building strong brands and providing them with actionable insights on consumers’ behavior and attitudes.


Freyia Han, Research Executive, Marketing Effectiveness @ GfK 

Freyia Han is a research executive in Marketing & Consumer Intelligence at GfK Belgium since 2019. In her professional life, she enjoys helping brands/retailers to become successful in building their short-term/long-term strategy, by providing actionable insights based on the data analysis. Her passion and expertise lie on e-commerce, innovation and trend, but also on brands.


Michel Defloor, in charge of marketing for @BPost’s parcel business

Before joining bpost he held marketing responsibilities in other industries before, but now is happy to support the Belgian e-commerce sector with the best parcel delivery.


Bart Verbist, Logistics Manager @Hubo

" What the e-commerce surge means for brick & mortar logistics"