Automated Translation for Cross-Border eRetail

Worldwide cross-border online sales have grown exponentially over the last few years. According to a EuroStats 2015 survey of European shoppers, 30% of online shoppers bought from sellers in another country.

Whilst there are some simple principles that need to be followed in order to appeal to the cross-border digital shopper, by far the single biggest opportunity to improve online shopping appeal is to provide your offering in the buyer’s preferred language.  In fact, another EU survey found that 42% of customers will only purchase products if they are presented in their own language!

Overcoming the Language Barrier

The process of translation might appear to be complicated and expensive but technology can help.  KantanMT provides language translation automation software (also known as Machine Translation) that can be customised to the web content of an individual business, which really speeds up the translation process and reduces costs. 

Fully Automated Translation

This is the ultimate in translation automation and KantanMT works with large online marketplace vendors to translate their entire product catalogues for different European markets with little or no human intervention.

KantanMT with Human Post-Editing

Full automation may not be achievable by all, but using KantanMT to translate your content automatically and then using translators to edit the output is an established and successful process.  It is suitable for different types of content, product information, customer service, user assistance manuals, online chat and web forum content.

One of our clients,, a Norwegian ecommerce company selling products to the Danish and Norwegian markets used our automated translation solution to localize its beauty product information for the Swedish market. We helped our eCommerce client enter a new market quickly with a 62% saving on project costs.

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